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Poisonous Wings...

wrapped in unholy desire~ ♪

Belial for my Lord~ I'm just a Mad Hatter for you~
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Belial the Mad Hatter

Name Lorena
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Disclaimer: Belial and Angel Sanctuary belongs to Kaori Yuki.

Aliases: Mad Hatter, Hell's Jester, Tainted Butterfly, Satan of Pride, the Father of Lies.
Age: Unknown.
Series: Angel Sanctuary.
Gender: Hermaphrodite? Asexual? Who knows?
Personality & Background: Mad Hatter is one who likes kissing and pure, cute girls.

At first sight, the Hatter may appear an eccentric but cheerful and good-heartened jester with flair for pranks, grandiose hats and surprising entrances. But beneath that merry façade, lies a tainted soul who seeks nothing but to sully and deprave others with cunning enthusiasm: to prove their purity, despite all, was worthless.

Hates rules, boundaries, anything restricting for they bore Belial with their attempts to classify someone. As s/he was named “Belial” (worthless), then the Hatter build hir life following that image. Transcending the lines of genders and encouraging humans to break taboos (Sodom and Gomorrah were hir little experiments to show God how senseless His little laws were).

Lust incarnate, Belial takes many lovers with wanton thrill but as easily as s/he gets them, s/he discards them, forcing them into the madness to lose someone such as hir. Only one creature was able to resist the Hatter’s charm, to look at hir eyes without a single spark of desire, hir beloved Lord, Lucifer who thought hir revolting.

Because of that, Belial fell in love with Lucifer and swore to serve him the rest of hir life. The demon always said that the day hir King confesses interest, desire or affection towards hir, would be the happiest day in hir life. So the Hatter would hate Lucifer and finally die in peace. At the same time, Belial prefers to keep hir delusion of love like that, as unrequired as sie gets.

Just like Lucifer spurns Belial. This one rejects Count Asmodeous’ pretences of love towards hir.

Amongst demons, Mad Hatter leads the faction loyal to the Demon King and wants to restore the greatness of Hell and hir kind, defeating the angels. Even if hir rank in Lucifer's Court is of a Jester (as contrast with Duchess/Duke Astaroshe/Astaroth, Queen Barbello and Count Asmodeous), it's Belial who is ruling Sheol in hir King's behalf and one of the most fearsome generals against the Children of Heaven.

Mad Hatter is "the personification of perversion and evil" in AS according to Kaori Yuki's footnotes. Even though, she gave hir depth and emotional layers.

Powers: Pride incarnate, master of ways of despair and desire mixed into one. Belial’s mastery relies mostly in manipulation and control of mind and desires (specially through sins and hypnotism), but sie has ample domain of illusion, black sorcery (including breeding powerful drugs that defy God’s design, warding and making things showing out the thin air - ANYTHING really. Even stairs. Wtf), shape shifting, partial wrapping of the space, become intangible. Plush sie's able to heal and regenerate. Belial is a mastermind of scheming and pulling political strings hiding in the empty smile of a “humble” jester, a lord of deception and lies (as typically the Devil is regarded), quite opposite to Lucifer. Sie's only a great general, the best Lucifer ever had.


Basic: (Post-Manga ending) Belial appeared in the City when sie was going to pay a visit to Princess Kurai, it was during no self control day, making hirself known as a extravagant holder of parties and events when mood struck. Sie took over the Circus, bargaining with the old deities to get the monsters away from the path of bones and the arena. Hir greatest shows were the re-opening night during hir arrival, the spicy parade in the City and the Carnival of Venice themed masquerade that last all day during the Day of Atonement in the Mansion.

During hir time in the City (and the proximity with Princess Kurai), Mad Hatter’s feelings for the Princess grew from worship to love (the closest the demon could allow hirself to) and, thanks to a curse, sie realized the intense love to Lucifer (who made him return hir feelings) was not at his person but the challenge he represented. While still loyal to dead to the Emperor of Darkness, Belial decided to become faithful Kurai’s lover. Together they left the City when the old deities vanished and together they returned by accident days after that. What was less than a week in the City, it was four thousands years to them.

With all their up and down, Belial remains in a placid state as Kurai’s pseudo consort, pushing aside the residual jealousy sie felt toward Setsuna and Alexiel. Recently, sie took an interest in Kyoya as pupil, taking the Host Club under hir wing. Unlike the others from hir world, Mad Hatter cares little about the end of the worlds or Sandalphon or the city gods. Sie is no hero.

Housing: Circus Carnivore.

Alignment: Hirself.

Status: Alive.

Relationship Status: Taken~♥


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