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Belial for my Lord~ I'm just a Mad Hatter for you~
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Greetings and Salutations, O ladies and gents of this fine City of cities~♫

This is your humble servant, the Mad Hatter, giving one possibly last transmission to one's beloved audience. The destinations of our futures are unknown, one would not dare to guess this time is the last one. What wonders would our paths show us ahead? There is no final say in the show why, sirs and dames! The show must go on!

At the hands of one's darling and plucky young assistant after tonight's show. ♥

Tonight is the last note of this jester's old violin, the butterfly will spread its wings and travel home. For His Glory. The Glory of the remnants of the Dark Empire. To each of you who the dust have touched even once, there is still the devil to pay your debts.

Ahhhhhhh. Be nice, boys and girls, or the Mad Hatter will visit you in Hell.

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Congratulations to all the darling girls who passed their exams and those who didn't, try your best next time! With this comes the annual Spring Allergy Check!

→ Sneezing.

→ Watery, itchy eyes.

→ Dark circles under your eyes.

→ Itchy nose.

Students with all those symptoms, present yourself into the infirmary to get the rid of your miserable plight. Claritin or Clarinex would solve your emergency in a wink before the big ball tomorrow. Go on, growing Cinderellas, come here!

{Private: Note Delivered to Kurai's room during the exams}

Little lamb,
Here I am;
Come and lick
My white neck;
Let me pull
Your soft wool;
Let me kiss
Your soft face;
Merrily, merrily we welcome in the year.

Dearest Alice;

Spring! What a season to embellish your natural beauty! One's fair blue rose, one's silver-haired Princess! This modest one couldn't convey the joy of the season of life and joy better than darling Blake's verses. For you, an invitation to end the mystery of this anonymous correspondence, a chance to meet your humblest admirer who has languished at the shade of your charms every day, unseen as the dust and the grass you step on.

O Alice, would you grace this fool as escort for tomorrow's dance? Wear the dress and it would be a yes, wear naught one has offered and this one would one day recover from heartbreak.

For you, Blue Rose~ ♥

Dress attachedCollapse )

(ooc; IT'S A TRAP!! EXPLANATIONCollapse )).

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I'm trapped in Hatter's circus! Please come to save me? It's dark here and I don't know where Abaddon is! Hello? Someone? I know there must be someone out there!

{Private to Kurai//text}

One will deliver the Messiah to your waiting arms after today, o Amber Princess. Set your fears aside, let this humble jester work the best of your natural charms. ♥

He's a fool to reject you and one's a bigger fool to give you away.

(ooc; Mood read as "frustrated". BTW, Hatter's accent is different from Kurai's... Anagura vs Sheol accent. IDK. Subtle difference).

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Ohhhhh. Look at the masquerade of Mardi Gras Carnival, the celebrating people do not bear masks but are bare in their vice. More and more, this jester urges you to indulge, while this one humble joins your merry-making.

Curses? Ahhhhh. Those jealous stiff who think that property is such a blessing. No need to listen to them, my dears. Feast and long, rest and hate, live in debauchery enthusiasm. You're the kings and queens today. Don't let someone else tell you otherwise! ♥

The Circus Carnivore opens its function to indulge each of one's beloved sins. Come forth, citizens of this marvelous City of Cities. Come forth and feast.

One's newest shiny toy has fallen into the jaws of Leviathan today.

Current Mood: deviousdevious

It would have been... stunning if the illusion would have lasted. If only, Princess, if only one's death would have come as a moment of breathtaking delightful bliss. To become a bride. His bride. One remembers that day, how peculiar, after the celebration of mortal sanctified love, this jester remembers the sacrilegious despair.

{Cue to a strained, broken laughter}

Ahhhhh, more, more come raining, come tumbling down, strongly, violently mercilessly. It only serves one's foolish serves right. One rock, for each of my disgraces.

{The laughter stopped abruptly, choked into pure wrath}

The Count had to ruin everything! The perfect ending note, the majestic feeling. He had to save one under the most weak excuses! For the good of the Empire of Darkness! What could have we achieved? They clung to one with foolish notions and were blind to understand!

You know full well the only thing beneath one's makeup of a clown is the face of a clown! Ohhh, it must look pretty comical, all right...! Clinging to the shadow of a man who may never even come back...! Well then laugh, why don't you! Point your finger at one and laugh!!

{A body collapsing to the floor, shattered laughter echoing and dying out in the emptiness of Belial's chamber}

...what a hopeless idiot.
One's not different from him.

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Ohhhhhhhhhh. There are surprises left, gifts given to us when you least expected it. This curse blesses one with the Amber Princess' presence. There goes that look again. To this one's innocent words! What can this humble jester do to turn that frown into a smile? A bouquet of blue roses? A brand new dress? A spot in tonight's circus show!

A welcome tribute to our Savior who has graciously returned earlier today. What do you think, Your Highness? Doesn't that sound tempting? ♥

Perhaps his heart during Valentine's Day.

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One feels violated... Katan~darling should have been gentler with this poor and humble jester. Ohhhhhhhh. One's blush is rising already.

{Filtered from Kurai}

Should one begin to call you, Queen Katan? The 1000th bride of the great King, the very first one who survives the ceremony and the second male one? ♥ Tell one everything, o noble Bride, this fool would serve anyone of your status.

{Filtered to Grell}

Greetings and salutations! How is your pride today, Grell? Nurse it with care and take a look at the Hall of the Missing. Did you see anyone familiar among the portraits?

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There is misfortune scattered in this world and plights we poor souls must endure with strength. But what are we are stolen of our individual identities? What to struggle against?

Ohhhhhhhh. Perhaps even those efforts were worthless!

Mad Hatters need hats. Thus, today, this one cannot be a Mad Hatter. Amber Princess, one's Alice today, invite this fool to Wonderland and pour a cup of tea. Be kind, Your Highness, one feels naked today. It's bashful to show yours truly as bare to this world~ ♥

They insult once again.

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My, my~ What, this jester has wondered, could possibly stir such ruckus in this City of Cities. O fair ladies have become gents once more. And their gentle lords bashful hide their attributes beneath corset and long skirts (are these times for them? Or has this fool become outdated once more?).

Genders. Silly nothings. You experience how worthless they could be if at a whim they change to limit each of you in a new fashion? One doesn't believe in genders. One doesn't enjoy layered divisions a higher power sets upon us using the excuse of nature.

Ahhhhhhhhh. One's tongue surely has become loose! This Mad Hatter's sincerest apologies to the fine population that has just addressed. To prove one has good faith about the deities' decree:

Slacker. Drink one's hundred bottles of beer. ♥

{Road + Grell}

Is clever Jack still in pain? Can this one soothe all hurt away?

(ooc; Link VERY ic).

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Worthless, he named this humble jester, never to rise from one's low position. Harsh words from a distant parent figure, one took up the challenge in a bashful modesty to make him see and understand.

How deadly worthlessness could be~ ♫

Parents should be more careful with their impressive, young children, pray for those to never become jesters or Mad Hatters as one did. Or why not? Join one's fold and enjoy mad tea parties and unbirthdays. Let us make worthlessness something enjoyable between us, fair ladies and just gentlemen. ♥

Sugar for all those who ask nicely. What about the young lady of noble birth?


O Princess, one's Amber Highness, one's silence is broken after the flickering and fading of his golden aura.

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